The Pichot family is one of the oldest in Vouvray with origins as restaurateurs going back to 1739 later followed by the purchase of the superb Coteau de la Biche vineyards in 1770 establishing them as growers to help supply the restaurant. Their vineyard holdings are mostly located all at the top of the village with the largest holding which makes up their classic Coteau de la Biche in the prime Vallee de Nouys which is perfectly sited for making drier styles of wine and faces south-east. The Pichot family also own most of the “premiere coteau” site of Le Marigny located just above the village opposite Clos du Bourg. These are quite simply regarded as being amongst the very best vineyard sites of the appellation. “ 1984 when the young Christophe Pichot, Jean-Claude’s son, acquired 8 hectares in Le Marigny, making him the main exponent of one of the appellation’s most desirable vineyards (even if it is persistently overshadowed by the likes of Clos du Bourg, Clos Baudoin and Le Mont).“ All vineyards are farmed organically with grasses grown between the rows to reduce the uptake of moisture and vigour to the vines. The average age of vines is high with the Clos Cartaud vines around 75 years old. While Vouvray as a whole produces about 40% sparkling wines and 60% still wines at Domaine Pichot more than 85% are still wines made into sec, demi-sec or moelleux and less than 15% being made as sparkling wines. The style of the wines here is among the driest of the appellation for each style with sec typically being from 3-7 gms/litre residual and demi-sec from 13-17 gms/litre with moelleux most often around 60 gms/litre. Harvesting is mostly done by hand and yields are kept low at an average 25 hl/ha.



We feel extremely fortunate to be able to represent the wines of this domaine as the US market will simply buy everything produced and there it will be sold out in the space of a month or 2. Christophe has kindly made more than he normally would of the dry sec wines for us and also more than ever of the sparkling Brut to try to meet our markets demand. The recent additions of the single vineyard wines of the dry Clos Cartaud and off-dry Clos Berger are made in small 200-250 case lots in brand new very small stainless steel tanks especially for the Australian market in recognition of our particular passion for the drier spectrum of Vouvray. As we represented the wines of Clos Baudoin when it was owned by Philippe Poniatowski, Christophe has aimed to make the very best wines that he can in his own very pure and age-worthy style from vineyards located very close by and will only produce these wines in exceptional years when he feels the balance of each wine is perfect. So we apologise in advance for any shortages while we wait for another exceptional vintage to be released of these 2 very special single vineyard wines.

These are wines that should always be bought in multiple case lots as all the wines will provide great pleasure for many years and at every stage of their development. Value for money here is extraordinary. These are simply among the most popular wines that we represent and these are bound to put a smile on the face of beginners right through to the most fussy afficionados. Vouvray is well known for the incredible ageing capacity of its great sweet and demi-sec wines, and even the dry sec can age effortlessly for decades. Christophe was the very first producer of ours to start bottling under stelvin-luxe which ensures that these great wines now can age even longer without having to worry about cork taint or having to replace corks after 20 years.

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