Moving his family in 1949 to a mix-use farm in Clare, Peter McNicol Mitchell worked the land with a dairy, orchard and a small underdeveloped patch of vineyard. Days were long and Mitchell family didn’t have the luxury of modern technology or machinery to streamline the farming and viticulture processes. Peter McNicol Mitchell’s son, Andrew, grew up experiencing the highs and lows of farm life firsthand, the perfect seasons that grew full and healthy vines and the summers with long, hard droughts. With farming and viticulture in his blood, Andrew Mitchell was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. In 1975 he took over the family farm, establishing Mitchell Wines and continuing in his father’s legacy. Andrew grasped the traditional methods implemented by his father while throwing himself into learning the ins and outs of both traditional and modern winemaking. His studies took him around the world, learning about different techniques, styles and approaches, feeding his insatiable appetite for knowledge. He implemented his newfound learning’s to Mitchell wines and with his wife, Jane, by his side; they became a recognised and highly respected duo in the South Australian wine industry.



Under Andrew and Jane Mitchell’s watchful eyes, the business has grown to include 80 hectares under vine, a winery and a bottling facility. With their three children, Hilary, Angus and Edwina learning the ropes, they bring new and innovative ideas to the table, ensuring Mitchell Wines continues to grow and flourish under a new era of management.

 While the family continues to reflect and learn from the experience and knowledge of Peter McNicol Mitchell, they place great importance on innovating into the future of winemaking and continually improving their wines and methods. Implementing sustainable practices at every opportunity, dry-grown vineyards have ensured responsible water conservation, while eliminating the use of artificial herbicides and pesticides has encouraged biodiversity to promotes intense flavours and characteristics in the grapes. The rich soils and vineyards full of life harvest rich flavours and a vibrant energy that is present throughout the entire Mitchell Wines portfolio.

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